Have SeaJay make a quilt from your favorite T-shirts or sweatshirts that may be packed away in boxes or dresser drawers. T-Shirt quilts can make an awesome gift for yourself, a friend, or a family member. They are also nice for someone going off to college, having a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or for any type of occasion. Call to make an appointment with SeaJay. Supply your uncut shirts laundered or dried without fabric softener. Back and fronts of shirts are counted as two shirts. Those logos on pockets or sleeves may also be used.



Base Prices

Sizes below are using a 14.5" block
9 shirts
60.5" X 60.5"
12 shirts
61" X 77"
15 shirts
61" X 94"
20 shirts
77" X 94"
25 shirts
94" X 94"
30 shirts
94" X 111"

$75.00 deposit required on T-Shirt quilts

Included in base price:
T-Shirts are a finished 12”or 14 1/2" square block with stabilizer.
4 inch borders.
2 inch sashing.
Hobbs 6 oz Polyester Batting
Quilting pattern "Meander" with thread to blend. Click here to see pattern
Binding to finish quilt edge.
Additional services available at an extra cost:
Fabric for sashing, border, backing, and binding; Client chooses at additional cost.
Price varies depending on fabric
Adjustments to T-Shirt Blocks (seams to center logo in block)
$7.00 each
Adjustments to T-Shirt Blocks (Applique logos in block)
$9.00 each
Personalized label for quilt back with or without photo
$10.00 and up
Custom Pillowcase
$20.00 each
Custom layout of quilt T-Shirt blocks
Additional Charge
Specialized Quilting Patterns
$20.00 and up
Custom Quilting
Additional Charge